Complaint Procedure

The Marietta Police Department will fully investigate all complaints against the Department or its employees. All complaints and allegations of misconduct will be resolved.
You may initially bring any problem to the attention of the Marietta Police Department by phone, mail or in person.
The Marietta Police Department suggests the following steps to resolve any questions you may have:
  • If you have a complaint about an employee or the way a service was provided, you may call 740-376-2007 and request to speak with a supervisor. You may be requested by a dispatcher to leave a phone number or address where you can be contacted as your request will be relayed to a supervisor.
  • If your complaint cannot be resolved at step one or the complaint is of a serious nature, you may file a formal written complaint or, in some instances, be requested to file a formal written complaint. Any formal written complaints will be investigated by the Internal Affairs Officer. A written confirmation will be sent to you confirming that the matter is under investigation. Once the investigation is completed, you will receive a letter informing you of the findings and the outcome of the investigation.
  • The Internal Affairs Officer can be contacted at 740-376-2007.
If you have any questions about this process, contact the Marietta Police Department at 740-376-2007.