School Resource Officer

The Marietta Police Department currently employs 1 School Resource Officer. This officer splits his time between the Marietta High School, Marietta Elementary School, Phillips Elementary, Washington Elementary, Veritas Academy, and Saint Mary’s School.

Meet Patrolman Rob Sury who has worked for the Marietta Police Department for 20 years. Ptl. Sury has an active interest in building a good rapport with the youth, educating them on making good decisions, and keeping the schools safe. He investigates any criminal incidents that occur on school grounds. He also administers the ALICE program which involves active shooter training and coordinates with teachers, administrators, and officers on the best and most current response methods to keep our children safe.

Ptl. Sury is an asset to the school system and works as a liaison between students and law enforcement. His main office is located at Marietta Elementary School but you will often find him in the hallways interacting with students and faculty at all different schools.

The most convenient avenue to reach Ptl. Sury is through email at or by calling into the Marietta Police Department at (740) 376-2007 and leaving your information so that he may return your call.

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