Property Room Management

The Marietta Police Department maintains a property room where evidence and items of lost and found are kept. The property room manager is Patrolman Braden Wenzel. He maintains the chain of custody of all evidence obtained from crime scenes and investigations and he facilitates the delivery and pick up of all evidence for laboratory analysis.

All items of evidence are held until completion of criminal justice proceedings and then the items are processed for release of destruction per laws of the Ohio Revised Code.

All Lost & Found items are kept for a minimum of 90 days and then either auctioned, transferred to departmental use, or destroyed.

If you are missing a bicycle or have located an abandoned bicycle, please contact the Marietta Police Department.

Persons wanting to retrieve or inquire about Lost & Found items or other recovered property may contact Patrolman Braden Wenzel at (740) 376-2007 ext. 1332 or email him at Items may be picked up Monday thru Friday from 8am-3pm at the Marietta Police Department located at 301 Putnam St. Marietta, Ohio.