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Regular Council Meeting
Thursday, August 19, 2021, 07:30pm - 09:00pm
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Legislation third reading:

Ordinance 243 Holidays

Ordinance 247 Temorary Work Agreement with State of Ohio

Ordinance 100 Donation to Trail Maintenance Fund

Legislation second reading:

Resolution 103 Bench by ARC

Legislation first reading:

Ordinance 253 Appropriation of Funds

Ordinance 254 Kirk Brothers Change Order 5

Ordinance 255 Kirk Brothers Chagne Order 6

Ordinance 256 Fire Logevity Pay

Ordinance 257 Step Schedule for Clerk/Administrative Assistant

Ordinance 258 Covid-19 Response Subgrant Agreement with Marietta Washington County CVB

Resolution107 Tax Incentive Review Council

Resolution 108 Community Reinvestment Area Agreement

Resolution 109 Tax Incentive Review Council

Resolution 110 Public Works Commission Financial Loan Assistance

Location 241 Front Street, Room 10 @ Armory + Live