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Date: February 16th, 2023wtp
To: City of Marietta Water Customers
News Media/Outlets

From: Jeff Kephart, Water Superintendent
Class III Water Supply

Subject: East Palestine Chemical Release (Water Contamination Concerns)

City of Marietta Water Customers,

The City of Marietta Public Water System receives its water from (7) Production Wells located on or near the Muskingum River. The Muskingum River flows by our ground water wells and empties into the Ohio River approximately one mile or so downstream from our well field. The water quality of the Ohio River does not affect our well water quality. Our production wells are each tested annually for Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC’S) for the chemicals that were associated with the East Palestine chemical release. Please rest assured that the chemical release poses no risk to our ground water supply and the City of Marietta will continue the stringent sampling program on our ground water source.

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