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JOB TITLE: Wastewater Operator – (Unlicensed) 105 (Licensed) 109
DEPARTMENT: Wastewater Treatment Plant


Posted: June 9, 2022 Last Day for Filing: June 15, 2022

PAY RANGE: $20.24 - $23.03 Unlicensed
$22.11 - $24.26 (Licensed)

General Statement of Duties:
Oversees the operation of a wastewater treatment plant on an assigned shift; does related work as required.

Distinguishing Features of the Position:
An employee in this position is responsible for the continuous operations and maintenance of wastewater treatment activities of the Wastewater Treatment Plant on the assigned shift. The work is performed in accordance with procedures outlined by the Wastewater Superintendent and Wastewater Operations Manager; to whom unusual or emergency matters are referred. Does related work as required or deemed necessary by the Wastewater Superintendent, Technical Administrative Coordinator, or Wastewater Operations Manager. Must be reasonably available for off-hour call-ins and shift coverage.

Examples of Work (Illustrative Only):

• Collect and record operating data; maintain plant operating logs
• Make regular inspections of the Wastewater Treatment Plant and equipment to ascertain that it is in proper operation at all times
• Collect samples and perform routine laboratory test and analysis
• Operate treatment facilities to control flow and processing of wastewater, sludge, and effluent
• Observe variations in operating conditions; interpret meter, gauge, and dial readings; monitor SCADA system and test results to determine processing requirements
• Operate valves and gates, either manually or by remote control
• Skim scum and grease from settling tanks
• Receive septic waste; pump sludge; empty screening and grit dumpsters
• Handle, change, and regulate chemicals per manufacturer specifications
• Start, stop, and make minor repairs to pumps, motors, and equipment
• Report needs for major equipment repairs or faulty equipment
• Report process or equipment problems to supervisor
• Maintain, make, record, and file required shift logs, meter data, laboratory data, gauge readings, SCADA data, and calibration of meters & gauges
• When not serving as an operator, perform preventative maintenance, repair of plant equipment, or janitorial and ground duties
• Operate Thickening Centrifuge, Dewatering Centrifuge, and Polymer Skid
• Assist with Collections System and Lift Stations as required
• Use safety equipment properly
• Work as a laborer when required
• Receive complaints, complete complaint paperwork, and complete call outs when required
• Empty and haul trash; pick up paper and debris, and properly dispose of it; perform routine custodial duties; sweep walks, porches, and steps

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Good knowledge of modern Wastewater Treatment Plant principles, operating practices, and mechanical ability
• Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions; ability to keep records and make reports
• Of good character, dependable, and able to work off days, nights, weekends, and holidays
• Maintain good physical condition sufficient to perform labor-intensive tasks required by the job description
• Must hold a valid motor vehicle operator’s license recognized by the State of Ohio

Acceptable Experience and Training:
• Considerable experience in operation of wastewater treatment plant and completion of a standard high school or vocational school course; or equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities

Additional Requirement:
An employee in this position is responsible for the continuous operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment activities of the plant on his shift. The work is performed in accordance with procedures outlined by the Wastewater Superintendent, to whom unusual or emergency matters are referred. Unlicensed - Employees in this position must successfully complete the Operator Training Committee of Ohio Wastewater Operator Basic Course (or equivalent) within 18 months from date of appointment to this position. Upon successful completion of this training the employee must receive and maintain a Class I Wastewater Professional Operator Certification issued by the Ohio EPA within two (2) years or when mandated by the Ohio EPA. Licensed - Possession of a Class I Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator’s Certificate issued by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Theresa Taylor, Human Resources Director
301 Putnam Street - Marietta, Ohio 45750
(740) 373-1387 - Phone (740) 373-2489 – Fax


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