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Disposal / Recycle

Handling and disposing of waste properly can help to prevent storm water contamination.  In many cases, our waste is just a resource in the wrong place and can be recycled at little or no cost to the consumer.  The City of Marietta hasRecycle1copy contracted for solid waste collection at homes and businesses.  This service also provides curb side recycling.  In addition, special collections and numerous additional locations are available for recycling options.  Used motor oil or other automotive fluids, yard waste, hazardous household items, leftover paint, large appliances, TVs, computers, tires, and leaves are common items handled by special collections or one of numerous locations in Washington County.

  • Never dump anything down storm drains or in a stream.  See Storm Drain Marker
  • Use trash & curb side recycling in Marietta.  See Waste Guidelines for pick up and restrictions.
  • Drain or soak up liquids with an absorbent or kitty litter before placing with solid waste.  Liquids can escape during collection or transit.
  • Recycle through Special Collections.  See  for current dates in Washington County.
  • Recycle lawn debris at Greenleaf Recycling Center.  Free to Marietta residents.  Call 740-373-1639 for guidelines.
  • Various recycle & disposal options in Washington County.  See Recycle/Disposal List
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