City of Marietta Water Meter Replacement Project

The City of Marietta has partnered with Mass Installation Inc. (MII), based out of Boston, Massachusetts to change all water meters (residential, commercial, etc.) that the City of Marietta provides services to. The new electronic meters will allow the City of Marietta to drive-by and gather the readings rather than the current door to door method they use now. This will save time as far as reading collection and will allow the meter reader to perform additional duties within the department such as meter testing, data logging, and troubleshooting with customers. The new meters collect information for consumption, diagnostics and the data for billing and analyzing the water system and will also allow the City of Marietta to help customers troubleshoot if there is a leak and/or if the meter has been tampered with.

Three of the Boston-based crew has been in the area hiring employees, which they prefer to do locally, to help the economy, doing meter surveys and laying the groundwork for the project. All employees hired for this particular job (including the employees brought from Boston) have had BCI and FBI background checks done. All employees will be outfitted with a uniform (shirt, hat, ID badge) and will have their vehicle ID as well. When a customer makes an appointment, the staff at MII making the appointment will let them know who is coming to their home as well. For further information regarding our MII team, please go to: To learn more about Mass Installation itself, please go to:

Customers will receive initial notification by mail, giving them a number to call to make an appointment. There will also be MII employees canvassing (going door to door) while working in a specific area, or leaving a door tag asking customers to call and make an appointment.

The project should be 90% complete by the end of the year, providing that customers make their appointments as requested and in a timely fashion. MII crews are doing installations Tuesday - Saturdays, between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., to assist customers who work during the week days.