Septic Systems

Most of the City of Marietta’s waste is gathered and treated at the City Waste Water Treatment Plant, but there are still private septic systems in the City. Known as HSTSs (Home Sewage Treatment Systems), leaking and poorly septiccleaning1maintained systems release nutrients and pathogens (bacteria and viruses) that can be picked up by storm water, discharged into nearby waterbodies, and cause public health problems and environmental concerns.

  • Don’t dispose of household hazardous waste in sinks or toilets. See Recycle/Disposal List
  • Inspect your system regularly & have your tank pumped as necessary.  See City of Marietta Home Sewage Treatment System Maintenance Manual
  • Keep records of maintenance for future reference.
  • Call the City of Marietta Health Department Environmental Department for more information.  740-373-0611.
  • Go to for additional guidance.