Lawn Care

Excess fertilizers & pesticides applied to lawns and gardens wash off and pollute streams.  In addition, yard clippings and leaves can wash into storm drains and contribute nutrients and organic matter to streams.  Exposed soil can erode causing sediment to plug drains and pollute streams.

  • Don’t overwater the lawn.  Consider using a soaker hose instead of a sprinkler.LawnMowercopy
  • Use pesticides & fertilizers sparingly.  When necessary, use only in the manufacturer’s recommended amounts.  Avoid areas near storm drains, streams and waterbodies.
  • Don’t leave lawn debris on the street, or sweep it into storm drains.  Blow or sweep back onto the lawn or compost for later use.
  • Sweep leaves to the curb (not in the streets) for City crews to collect.  Check the schedule for your neighborhood for fall leaf collections.  DO NOT leave bagged leaves at the curb for pick up.  See Leaf Collection Schedule      See Leaf Collection Guidelines
  • Recycle lawn debris (including leaves) at Greenleaf Recycling Center.  Free to Marietta residents.  See Mowing Marietta Brochure..
  • City crews will pick up “right of way” trees & shrubs only.
  • The City of Marietta Streets crew sweep streets on a routing basis.  Grass clipping can clog the sweeper adding to additional time and expense.  Please keep grass clippings out of the street.   See Street Sweeping Schedule
  • Vegetate bare areas as soon as possible.  Cover or mulch piles of soil being used in landscaping projects.
  • See Backyard Conservation: Lawns and the Environment Brochure.
  • For Lawn Care Information: See Mowing Marietta Brochure.