Get the Scoop………
On Pet Waste

Dos and Don’ts …………

  • Don’t leave or discard on yours, or anyone else’s property.  Pathogens are dangerous to kids and adults enjoying the lawn, wooded areas, parks, cemeteries, or the bike path.  Be especially mindful in Marietta’s well field area in Indian Acres Park and the Fair Grounds to protect the City’s drinking water supply.
  • Don’t toss onto a garden.  It can contaminate anything edible growing in your garden.
  • Don’t flush down your toilet.  Your septic system or the City Waste Water Treatment Plant is not designed to treat it.PetWastecopy
  • Don’t add to compost.  The compost won’t generate enough heat to kill the pathogens.
  • Don’t leave near a curb or anywhere near the storm drain system.  This adds harmful bacteria to our streams and rivers.
  • Do pick up after your pet.  Bag and place the waste into your household trash.

Why is proper disposal important?
Here's how it works……

  • Your pet “goes” on the grass.
  • That waste contains bacteria that pose a health risk to people.
  • When it rains or storms, the waste gets washed into the streets and flows down the storm drains into area streams and rivers where people may come into contact with it.


  • Dog waste contains twice as many harmful pathogens as human waste & can cause diseases such as giardiasis & salmonella.
  • Dog waste can contain hookworms, roundworms & other parasites that can transfer to humans simply  by walking barefoot near the waste.
  • There are over 1600 licensed  dogs within the City of Marietta.
  • The average dog creates 1/2 lb. of waste per day.  That’s over 800 lbs. of dog waste per day in the City!!
  • City Ordinance 920.03 (a) prohibits leaving pet waste on the ground.  This includes dog, cat or other domestic animal waste.
  • Signs are posted  throughout the city as a reminder to clean up after your pet.
  • Need a place for your pooch to run?  Try the Marietta Dog park @ 1201 Cisler Dr. located in Jaycees Park.
  • Questions on storm water matters?  Washington Soil and Water Conservation District, Kathy Davis (740) 885-3312

Storm Water Protection……

  • Proper disposal will help to keep storm water runoff cleaner.
  • Storm drain markers remind us that storm water runoff flow untreated into streams & rivers.

Download the Marietta Dog Waste Brochure


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For more Information:
Washington Soil and Water Conservation District