Monuments, Plaques, Memorials, Etc.

After many months of cataloguing and on-site evaluation of more than 300 separate items, we want to share what we've learned about our more noted sites and our hidden gems. In the following pages, you can see current and historical photos of these monuments and hopefully learn more about their construction, purpose and significance. The photo on your left circa 1938 shows the quarrying of sandstone near Briggs Hill (between Marietta and Belpre) for the Start Westward Monument in Muskingum Park.


Construction of the Start Westward Monument sm monument 2
Start Westward Monument sm monument 4
Celeron Monument sm monument 9
Capitoleum Mound sm monument 6
Mound Cemetery sm monument 7
Marietta Flood History Markers sm monument 8
Weathered and Damaged Monuments sm monument 9
Dinosaur Murals at Marietta College sm monument 10
Washington County Courthouse sm monument 11
First Unitarian Universalist Church sm monument 12
Boiler Corner Landing sm monument 13