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JOB TITLE:  Assistant Water Superintendent

DEPARTMENT:  Water Treatment & Distribution

POSTED: November 28, 2022                LAST DAY FOR FILING: WHEN FILLED


PAY RANGE: $66,182.00 - $73,985.00 Benefits:  Excellent health insurance including vision and dental; life insurance; Ohio Public Employee Retirement - City contributes 18.25%; Ohio Deferred Comp; paid holidays; paid vacation; and earn sick time.


NATURE OF WORK AND MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  The position oversees and trains plant operators to operate and calibrate chemical feed equipment, test water process samples to monitor and adjust treatment processes, controls plant operations including the wells, tanks, and water booster stations. Promotes safety, monitors records, evaluates current practices and updates operational manuals, Contingency Plans, and Asset Management Plan. Schedules (5) plant operators to cover a 24/7/365-day operation. Also assigns the bacteriologist and plant maintenance worker(s) to cover all aspects of the water quality process including sludge processing and dewatering of waste lime. Schedules preventive maintenance, tank cleaning, equipment repair, and coordinates large maintenance requirements with the Water Distribution Foreman.

This employee directs the Backflow Prevention Program by overseeing the current practices and defining backflow prevention requirements for all water customers. Position is responsible for all of the administrative aspects of the program and assigning others to assist in meeting program requirements and conducting customer surveys for compliance.


REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: The above duties require the individual to have a valid Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Class III Water Certification. Thorough knowledge with all types of backflow prevention devices, testing procedures, and applications for the hazards that the water distribution system is exposed to. Experience in Lime/Soda Ash softening and Reverse Osmosis Treatment theories preferred. High School Diploma or equivalent. Driver’s License issued by the State of Ohio. Ability to keep records and make reports. Computer experience in Word and Excel documents. Good verbal and written communication skills. This individual reports directly to the Water Superintendent. Some aspects of these duties will include planning and budgeting for extra help from Contract Service Agreements.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:    Jeff Kephart, Water Superintendent

                                                           2000 Fourth St., Box 744, Marietta, OH 45750

                                                           Phone: (740) 374-6864

                                                           E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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