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On Tuesday, August 28th, the City of Marietta held a public meeting regarding County Land Reutilization Corporations - commonly known as County Land Banks.

The meeting was led by Jim Rokakis, Vice President of Western Reserve Land Conservancy and Director of Thriving Communities Institute. Robin Thomas, Western Reserve Conservancy Land Bank Program Director, also provided a presentation on County Land Banks. Both their presentations shared valuable information defining land banks, the history of them, how they are formed, what the Ohio Revised Code permits, and the benefits to counties and cities who have them.

There are now 54 County Land Banks in Ohio with many other counties currently looking at creating one. County Land Banks are used throughout the United States by counties and cities in combating the ever-increasing problem of vacant, abandoned, and blighted properties.

As we know, vacant, abandoned, and blighted properties are an increasing problem in the City of Marietta, Washington County, and nationwide. This problem has a huge effect on neighborhoods, property values, crime, and overall economic development.

Click on this link for the full presentation (Click Here)


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