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This is to inform residents that American Electric Power (AEP) tree trimming/cutting needs to be performed in the City Of Marietta. Tree trimming/cutting is an effort by AEP to eliminate tree contact from Overhead Power lines. Trees selected for work will be identified with Blue Dot for trim and red dot for removal by the AEP Forestry Department. 2017 work will be on circuit feeding out of our Harmar Hill Lancaster circuit, feeding Lancaster Street, Fairview, Fort Harmar and surrounding area. Our proposed work will begin September 5th 2017 and continue through end of October 2017.

Weather is the biggest factor in the completion of this work. After the tree trimming/cutting is complete, every four years AEP would again perform the same route barring no line relocation has taken place. Contractors of AEP, Asplundh Tree Expert Company started marking trees August 21, 2017. AEP/Asplundh will make attempts to contact property owners in the affected areas. If personal contact is not made, Asplundh will leave a door hanger with contact information if the customer has questions. Also, a telephone message will be made to customers on the circuits affected. Listed below are general streets and areas we will be working:

Lancaster Street Franklin Street Market Street
Pearl Street Alta Street Oakview Drive
Bellevue Street Elm Street State Route 7
Vista Street Victory Place Fort Harmar Drive


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